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Simply put, landscaping is what we’re passionate about. Beautifying outdoor spaces is always a challenge that we love to accept, here in Rockwall and beyond.

So when it comes to our landscape installation and design services, it should be no surprise that we approach each and every design with fierce investment and a uniqueness in execution that is unmatched. The testimonials we receive often praise our attention to detail, and that is certainly something we strive for. The details are what make the space and help you to claim it as yours.
Thoughtful arrangements of carefully selected flower beds lining your fences can add a colorful focal point to your property. An expert arrangement of rock beds can cleverly obscure a sprinkler system that may otherwise be an eyesore, without any detriment to the operation of the sprinkler system. A flagstone square in the yard, meticulously decorated among your trees, could be a beautiful place for picnics as well as family photo opportunities for years to come.

These seemingly little things definitely add up in a big way, whether you’re going for a classic, understated aesthetic or looking to go all out with an undeniable eye grabber.
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Our landscape installation and design services don’t just add delightful visuals to your Rockwall home, they make your outdoor spaces truly yours. Leaving your mark on your home with outdoor style for generations to come has never been easier. We invite you to reach out to the landscapers here at Perspectiv Gardens in Rockwall today and speak with us about what you’re looking for. We have a wealth of fresh and creative ideas that are simply begging to be brought to life. Whether you’re in Dallas, Rockwall, Heath, McKinney, or beyond, we’d love to show you what we can do!

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